Women’s Weekend Workshop – Speakers

Interested in Speaking at Women’s Weekend Workshop?

We choose speakers based on a variety of factors. At the top of the list is a desire for speakers with strong content who can deliver substantial, actionable knowledge through audio and handouts. We look for speakers on a diverse range of topics of interest to women. Having a strong ability to help market this event through personal connections/readership is also desired.

To inquire about speaking, please send an email to:

Please include the following in your email:

What topic(s) would you like to speak on? Please offer a 100-200 word descriptive paragraph.

What is your background? Please include a 100-150 word bio.

What avenues do you have to help market this event? (If you have a newsletter, please include how many subscribers).

What are your website links? (Facebook/Twitter/Other sites)

Thank you for your interest in Women’s Weekend Workshop!