Are you looking in the rear view mirror?

You cannot control what happens to you,
but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you,
and in that, you will be mastering change
rather than allowing it to master you.–Brian Tracy

Good morning! Mastering the art of change is essential to life happiness. Most of life’s pains come from trying to “hold on” or “freeze” some specific moment in time. I have seen many women attempt to recreate moments that have passed.
“If I could just get back to 130 pounds.”
“I know it would be better if we could find the spark we had at the beginning of our relationship.”
“I was happier when I used to (fill in the blank). If I could just do that again…”

We must remember life is fluid, and thus a component to our happiness is learning how to be fluid with life. Within our attitude, within our own mind, and within our own heart, we hold the key to living a full life. It is not what we have, how much we accomplish, or any other measurable component. The key to living a full life is within dependent on how we view the world; this choice of view lies solely within each of us.  Are you using a rear view mirror to look at your life?

Your Turn:
How have you been looking at the world? Given that it only takes a moment to decide to look at the world differently, could you benefit from any viewpoint adjustments?

Today’s Affirmation:
I accept change. I dance with life.


Are you looking in the rear view mirror? — 2 Comments

  1. i began to smile when i read the affirmation: I dance with life– that’s great!
    i picture snoopy from the peanuts cartoon dancing on the grass with wild abandon and that’s what i’m taking into my day today…………thanks !!

  2. I loved this quote and after reading the responses from all of the other wonderful women, it gives me inspiration. I just had an MRI with scary results that I hope to have better explained to me when I see a Neurologist tomorrow.

    Brook, I look forward to your good mornings every day, thank you!


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