Good Morning: Just Do Your Best in the Moment

“Do the best you can with what you know and when you know better, do better.”

~Rhonda Miga
Today, I am taking the liberty of letting one of your fellow readers speak to you. It is my birthday today, so I will take the day off from writing!
This quote was shared by a reader who had “attended a workshop for parents of children with special needs. I find I say it often to myself because some days I am hard on myself because I do not feel I am doing all I can for my son who has autism …or I question my parenting skills for my daughter … or a countless number of other situations where I question myself.”
She continued, “However, when I think of this quote, it helps me to realize every day is a learning opportunity.   I am not expected to KNOW how to do everything right but the situations I experience each day help me to ‘know better, and therefore, do better.'”
“When I have a moment where I belittle myself for not doing better, I say this quote to myself and realize that I just had a learning experience that will enable me to do better tomorrow.”
She closed her note to me by writing, I just ordered new checks and they had a place to put a favorite quote. … I was limited to # of letters so the quote I added to my checks is Something great WILL happen today!”
Your Turn:
Today, follow Rhonda’s advice: When you have a moment where you be little yourself for not doing better, say this quote to yourself and realize that you just had a learning experience that will enable you to do better tomorrow.
Your affirmation:
I do not make mistakes; I just have different types of learning experiences.
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And as always, don’t forget to start your day with a heartfelt: “Something great is going to happen today… I can’t wait to see what it is!”

And when ending your day ask yourself: “What is one more thing I can do to make today matter?”

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