Good Morning: Patience is a virtue

"Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what
they already have." 

Good morning! 

For as many times as we have said, "Patience is a virtue," you
would think that message would be drilled into our brains and our
society. But look around. Take any day, of any year, and see how
little patience exists in the world we live in.

If you really want to see how lacking in patience the world is, get
about twenty items and try going through the express lane at the
grocery store. A loud chorus of sighs will start behind you.

How about road rage? Everyone is so intent on getting there, fast,
faster, fastest. Or watch someone with a modem on the Internet. If
it takes a computer screen more than twenty seconds to load,
they'll start adjusting cords wondering what is wrong and why the
Internet is so slow. Never mind that not even a decade ago, most
people had to journey to the library for the afternoon to gather
information that is now delivered to the savvy web-surfer in

My mother is famous for pointing out how the lack of patience is so
foolish when driving. Up in northern Wisconsin where I grew up, the
roads were only occasionally speckled with traffic. Despite the
beauty, cars would zoom and race by. Once we got to the city and
found ourselves at a traffic light, the car that passed us at
ninety-miles-per-hour was just a matter of a few feet in front of
us. My mom would always laugh at how the drivers were so focused on
the road and passing others that they missed the fall colors or
spring blossoms.

Your Turn
When you are charging around in daily life - ask yourself where
exactly you are going. Is crossing the "finish" line a bit quicker
worth missing the view?

Your Affirmation
While engaged on any journey, I remember to enjoy the view.

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