Make today a masterpiece…

“Too often we get distracted by what’s outside our control. The door to the past has been shut and the key thrown away. And you can’t do anything about tomorrow; it is yet to come. However, tomorrow is determined by what you do today. So make today a masterpiece.” -John Wooden, UCLA’s Hall of Fame basketball coach

Good morning! I have an interesting challenge for you to try today-or any day that is “representative” of your normal day.” (Not while you are on vacation.)

Here’s how it works. Every two hours, take a five-minute break. Write down how much time (percentage-wise …a rough estimate is fine) you spent:

1. Thinking, fretting or regretting the past.

2. Worrying or thinking about the future.

3. Worrying about something that is happening today, or something outside of your control.

4. Taking positive, forward action today or enjoying the moment.

Print that little challenge and tape it to your planner on your next “representative day” so that you don’t forget.

Why is this important? Well, this simple “math problem” equals the amount of contentment and happiness you are creating in your life. If you spend eighty percent of your waking hours on the top three items, you should only expect to reach twenty percent of your “happiness level.” If you spend fifty percent of your time on the top three items, you can reach fifty percent of your happiness level for that specific day.

Your Turn:
When we wonder why we feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, depressed or hopeless, this is a good practice to revisit. This “calculation” holds our answer. Make a concerted effort to redirect yourself to making a positive, forward action when you catch yourself engaging in the top three thought patterns. Our goal should be to be taking positive, forward action at least ninety percent of the time.

 Today’s Affirmation:
I let go of the past, I am not anxious about tomorrow…
Instead, I trust in today, and enjoy today, living life to the fullest.


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  1. “Make today a masterpiece.” Wow! Not an original concept – but the mental imagery is POWERFUL. The quote is now taped to my mirror. I know I will never forget it. As I head out this morning, I am ready to begin my masterpiece.

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