Thoughts on Success

Of course there is no formula for success except, perhaps, an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings. Arthur Rubenstein

Every time I am asked about “secrets of success” I notice there is an underlying theme. Each formula I have shared has contained, in essence, intent-action-belief – faith-and then letting life happen. Reread today’s quote several times and really absorb what the words mean. Remove “success” and try “peace” or “happiness” or “contentment” or “joy” in its place.

When I seek success in something, I first focus on what I want and why I want it. When I know that it matches my mission of helping women create more positive lives, I then make an action plan. After all that homework is done, I believe with my heart and soul that nothing will stand in my way from realizing the vision. And then I do something else that many people forget to do when chasing a dream: I let it go.

It might seem odd to let a dream or vision go, especially right after we take our first action steps. And, I don’t mean that I literally let it go and never think of it again. It means that I have faith and trust in the mystery of miracles and life. When we hold onto what we want very tightly, we don’t give it room to grow into what it might be. Instead, we mold it and twist it to match only what we can see and believe. Yet life often has wonderful things in store for us that we may not yet be able to envision or believe. We have to let go of our limited scope of seeing a result in order to let life meet us halfway-to transform a goal into a vision.

Your Turn: Where in your life is letting go the next step to moving forward?

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