Fall down seven times…

“Fall down seven times; stand up eight.” Japanese Proverb 

Good morning! All children have an ingrained optimism and determination. As they learn to walk on wobbly feet, they fall down many more times than seven, and stand up many more times than eight.

But as we grow older, we begin to lose that blind childhood faith in our ability to stand back up. We being to worry that we might scrape a knee or break a bone. We become content in sitting down, fallen-versus brushing ourselves off and trying again.

Today, I think we should remember that we all at once held that blind childhood faith. We all fell and stood back up. We all knew how to believe in our abilities at one point in our lives.

Your Turn: Is there somewhere in your life where you have become comfortable “sitting down?” Take a step today and stand up. Brush yourself off. The future is waiting-step toward it.

Today’s Affirmation: I may fall down seven times; but I will stand up eight.

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