Impose your own terms…

If you haven’t the strength to impose your own terms upon life,
you must accept the terms it offers you.–T.S. Eliot

Good morning! T.S. Eliot doesn’t mince words, does he? When I stumbled across this quote I fell in love with its blunt truth and honesty. Many people in today’s world have mastered the art of “living in the middle” somewhere between the “wishing for more” and the “should haves” — forgetting the joy that taking action brings.

During a 26 city tour I was returning from a television appearance in Minneapolis and chatting with a colleague. We were discussing fatigue and stress. We both agreed that the weeks where we thought about all we needed to accomplish on our to-do lists, but did very little, were weeks that often left us fatigued. Our good intentions of accomplishment might be interrupted by other needs in our work or personal lives.

However, we also noticed that during the weeks where we charged ahead and took action, versus thinking about all that needed to be done, we were much more invigorated and less fatigued.

I think part of that ties into the quote offered by T.S. Elliot. When we are strong and we move forward (impose our terms upon life) we gain momentum, energy and additional strength. When we sit back and just analyze the terms life has offered us, it is easy to lose momentum.

Your turn:
Give yourself a quick and honest assessment. How much time do you spend thinking about all you need to do? How much time do you actually spend moving ahead and taking action? How do you feel while engaging in both of those activities? Brainstorm some ideas for moving forward and implementing your terms for what you want to accomplish in your life. Then, most importantly, take action.

Your affirmation:
I do not settle for less then I deserve. I am not immobilized or overwhelmed by life’s challenges. I seize the day and move forward, greeting life and all it offers with open arms.


Impose your own terms… — 2 Comments

  1. For me I take very small steps in moving forward and making life changes that are lasting. If find that I can keep on track better with what is really important to me to accomplish than to rush and gain nothing. I am strong within!

  2. I see the flip side to this as well. If we do not take care of ourselves, we become fatigued..and pushed around. Ever had to take care of kids when you are sick?…they will often take advantage of the state. As well as will some big people may see you as a mark if you are not able to show fortitiude and assertiveness.
    We need to figure out what makes us strong, do it the best we can, and then decide the direction where we want to invest that strength.
    Does seem like it could be a bit harsh…personally I’ll try not to mow anybody down while going for my dreams.

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