Do or do not….

Do or do not… there is no try. Yoda

Good morning! As I have been working with women in goal setting through the years,  I have noticed how ingrained the concept of “trying” is — but how we don’t speak in the affirmative with the same confidence.

The truth is – most of us our great at setting goals – experts in fact. We’ve done it a thousand times. What we aren’t so great at is reaching them. In order to influence reaching our goals, we have to follow Yoda’s wisdom: we have to build a plan and DO.

Your Turn:
What practical steps will you take to reach your goals this year? Break it down into a weekly plan. Make the steps realistic, measurable and manageable. You can reach your goals this year- but you must “DO.”

Your Affirmation:
I do what it takes to reach my goals.


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  1. Hi, I am Tanja from Canada!
    I would like to thank Brook Noel for her greatbooks! The Good morning.. is absolutely great! I have it on my breakfast table and read it daily and of course Do it! there is no try..
    I noticed your new book make today matter.. that’s great. I have all your books.. However, I wonder if you can write a book on confidence and self esteem! I am very interested in improving that area! It would be great to have that as a book. (as apposed to online)
    I am sooo greatful for your Good morning book!! It’s the best! I do my best to live by it. 😉
    Thank you,
    Tanja V
    P.S. You have helped millons of people!!!

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