Good Morning – Faith

"Faith dares the soul to go farther than it can see." ~William Clark

Good morning! To me, faith has always been a light in the darkness.
When I am unsure, nervous, anxious, or scared... I fall back on
faith. It always lights the path ahead. In one of my other books,
"Grief Steps," I wrote --"Faith is the soul's food. One cannot live
without it, or live well on just a little." While I have drifted
back and forth many times in how diligently and actively I practice
my faith, I have noticed the times my life is most complete and
content are when faith is a high priority.

Your turn:
If you could imagine faith as a bank account, what would your
balance be? Do you need to take steps to increase how actively you
"live" your faith? If so, what is a step you might take today?

Your affirmation:
I let my faith light the path of my soul.

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