Good Morning: Greet Everyone with Kindness and Compassion

“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.”

Good morning
Think about your last several days. Try to envision the faces of
people that you saw, try to remember what they were saying, or what
their facial expressions revealed about how they were feeling. Can
you remember any vividly? Think not only of your immediate family
and friends, but strangers that you encountered while shopping, or
walking, or doing errands.
Can you remember how you felt as you saw each of those people? Were you intimidated? Did you have a hard time recalling faces of
strangers because you were focused on something else? Were you
judgmental of some of those you saw?
Imagine if we greeted each person we saw with the wisdom Seneca
brings in this quote. Each time we encounter another being, we have
an opportunity to share kindness.
Your Turn:
Be aware of those you encounter today. Try to bring kindness or a
smile to each person. Watch how sharing your own light, warms your
spirit and heart as well.
Your affirmation:
I greet each person with kindness and compassion.

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