Book: 400 Rush Hour Recipes – Closeout

It’s 5:00… Do you know where your dinner is?
Now you can add over 400 of the best recipes to your collection!

Easy and simple mealtime solutions are within reach of every busy family with the Rush Hour Cook’s latest collection. Each day of the year features a new recipe along with a personal challenge, kitchen tip, or words of wisdom. For those who want to reduce their grocery bills, save time and enjoy incredibly delicious recipes with simple ingredients, the Rush Hour Cook will become a one-stop solution. Like all of the books in the Rush Hour Series, this ultimate collection follows the five Rush Hour Rules:

  • All ingredients are pronounceable through the phonetic use of the English language.
  • Each ingredient can be found in the market without engaging in a full scale scavenger hunt.
  • No list of ingredients shall be longer than the instructions.
  • Each recipe has to be durable enough to survive the “Queen-of-Incapable-Cooking.”
  • The Rush Hour Cook’s finicky child will eat it—or some portion of it.

416 pages.

Simply outstanding…recipes that are ideal for fast-paced, time-limited, dinner-hour preparations. — Midwest Book Review

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