eBook: Organizing Arts, Crafts, Stamps & Scrapbook Supplies

Get your creative space organized! Save time. Look less and create more!

Often in the midst of creativity we do not want to stop and put something back or lose our flow by searching for a misplaced item. Before we know it our creative space is pile upon pile. Brook Noel faced these challenges and began to work through her creative space, using new approaches and knowledge from her other organizational systems. She adapted these to specifically match people when in the “creative zone.” This led to the “creative organizational system,” that is shared in the Workbook. While you can work at your own pace, the lessons are structured over a five week time frame to help you customize your own personal creative space.

Week One: Taking Stock: This week a step-by-step plan will help you “take inventory” of all the major groups of crafts we will be organizing as well their major “sub-categories.” This will provide a high-level overview as we get down to the business in week two.

Week Two: Thinking it Through and Mapping Out Your Space: We begin by answering a series of questions about your creative personality, obstacles, how often you use materials, etc. We then hone in on the specific questions for the categories identified during week one. Using this information we will map out our space (no matter how big or small) to make a physical-plan that is maximized for creative endeavors.

Week Three: Thinking Outside the Box: Big containers with drawers, little containers with drawers, plastic boxes with lids, plastic boxes without, cute material organizers, binders, files–the choices are endless! In these lessons Brook shares the pros and cons of how to “store the stuff” and how to identify solutions that match your creative personality

Week Four: Putting It All Together: Using the solid written plan we created, these lessons mark the start of “major” implementation. While we will have completed some “mini-organize-warm-ups” in preceding weeks, this is the time where we truly dive in!

Week Five: Organizing Support and Your Questions Answered: In these lessons Brook covers common organizing questions and provides a comprehensive list of resources. Lastly, we create a walk-thru and maintenance plan for our craft area as well as outline any remaining tasks to complete.

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