eBook: Vision and Values

A 30 Day Workbook by Brook Noel

This workbook combines three MTM Mini-Workshops: 1) Uncovering Your Core Values; 2) Value Cards: A Compass for Contentment; and 3) How to Create A Personal Vision Statement

Part One: Uncovering Your Core Values
Clear values act as a filter. In times of indecision, we can compare options to our core  values to make a decision. Values are the seams which shape the fabric of our lives. Without defined values, we have torn seams where the unwanted can sneak in, and our energy can sneak out. Values allow us to advance confidently in a meaningful direction. Without them we will be blown around by the emotions, people, and external events of the day. In this section you are guided through eight exercises to help you hone in one to three core values from the included Values List of 295 values.

Part Two: Value Cards: A Compass for Contentment
Knowing our core values is the first step in building a life of contentment and joy. But how do we use these values to shape our lives? In this section I’ll show you how to incorporate these values into daily life to ensure you are living your life “on purpose” in alignment with these key values. Includes 4 activities, journaling space, values worksheet, and sample value cards.

Part Three: Creating a Personal Vision Statement
A Vision Statement encompasses the values we hold dear, the overall “theme” we want to live in our life. Without a vision, you are likely to wander aimlessly because there is no uniting purpose between daily actions and a larger vision. A clear vision statement will help us choose daily actions and make decisions that are right for us. There may be a million things we want to do – but only a few that will truly create the life we desire because they align with our vision. Includes 6 activities.

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