The Ultimate Home School Planner

A Reusable One-Source Solution for Priority Planning

Think about the number of things you manage in your life: home school, a home, expenses, goals, to-do lists, chores – and more! The reason why so many home school planners are disappointing is because they do not take into account all these aspects of our complicated lives. The Ultimate Home School Planner is a rich resource for our full lives.

Section One is our home school planner. It is unique in its approach. It starts with a Student Knowledge Inventory for grades 1 – 8, created after consultation with numerous state standards and scope and sequences. To use this tool, you begin with your child’s grade level and rank each item on a mastery-scale of 1 (doesn’t understand) to 5 (mastered).

Next, complete a Parent Knowledge Inventory questionnaire that analyzes the student’s responses and helps focus our efforts. Finally, the student fills out a questionnaire to record their ideas and opinions. With all this information at hand, you are ready to plan a time block – your schedule of what you will work on and when you will do it.  Tips on planning for several students, includes an article by Catherine Levison and ends with a huge selection of planning forms.

Section Two is called Curriculum Planning & Friendly Finance. It covers how to create a budget and choose curriculum wisely.

Section Three concerns how we log what the children are learning. It covers keeping logs and journals and provides forms and ideas for all.

Section Four is about Unit Studies and Student Templates. It contains all the planning forms needed to successfully implement unit studies.

Section Five is called Household Management. It has ideas, forms and some delightful articles, including one on writing a family mission statement.

Finally, there are ideas for children’s chore and reward systems as well as charts for implementing them.

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