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2014 Class Schedule
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2014 Class Schedule – Click class name to learn more or register 
Start Date Class Duration
December 30 From Resolution to Reality! Goal Workshop 3 Weeks
January 6 Vision, Values and Your Personal Mission Statement 2 Weeks
January 13 Breaking Bad Habits 2 Weeks
January 20 Office Organization and Tax Preparation 2 Weeks
January 27 Changing Your Life:  Affirmations and Visualizations
February 3 &
September 22
Extreme Home Makeover: Planning and Creating Your Master Task List* 2 Weeks
February 10 From Frantic to Family Dinners: A 14 Day Menu Planning Workshop 2 Weeks
February 17 Attitude Makeover 2 Weeks
February 24 Financial Freedom: Creating a Budget & Spending Station 2 Weeks
March 3 Simplify Your Wardrobe & Cosmetic Control 2 Weeks
March 10 &
October 6
Extreme Home Makeover: De-Clutter Bootcamp* 2 Weeks
March 17 NEW!  Spring Cleaning Boot Camp 2 Weeks
March 24 & August 11 Conquering the Scary Spaces of Your Home 2 Weeks
March 31, October 27 Extreme Home Makeover: Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Closets* 2 Weeks
April 7 &
September 1
Managing Everyday Paper 2 Weeks
April 14 Building a Business Plan 2 Weeks
April 21, September 15 Beyond Paper Piles: Creating a Filing & Archiving System that Works 2 Weeks
April 28 &
Extreme Home Makeover: Conquering the Kitchen and Living Spaces* 2 Weeks
May 5 &
September 29
Project Management 2 Weeks
May 12, November 24 Getting Things Done: Brook’s Guide to Effective Weekly Time Management 2 Weeks
May 19 Marketing Your Home Based Business 2 Weeks
May 26 Reality Routines 2 Weeks
June 2 Self-Esteem Toolbox 2 Weeks
June 9 Journaling:  Self-Discovery Through the Written Word 2 Weeks
June 23 NEW:  Creating a Craft Space That Inspires 2 Weeks
July 14 Creative Playground 2 Weeks
July 28 Caring for the Caregiver 1 Week
August 4 Visual Journaling 2 Weeks
August 18 NEW:  Relaxation & Meditation 2 Weeks
August 25 Revamping Your Goals 1 Week
September 8 Overcoming Procrastination 2 Weeks
October 6 NEW:  Christmas Planning 2 Weeks
October 13 Creating a Budget & Spending Station (Bonus:  Holiday Budget) 2 Weeks
October 20 NEW:  A Homemade Christmas 2 Weeks
November 3 From Frantic to Family Dinners:  A 10 Day Meal Planning Workshop (BONUS:  Holiday Meal Planning) 2 Weeks
November 10 New:  High Energy & Health 2 Weeks
December 1 10 Day Happiness Toolbox 2 Weeks
How Do These Classes Work? Our classes feature a very easy to navigate portal you will login at to access your course. You do not need to be a tech-guru to take our classes. Our classes do not require you to be present at a specific time of day. We use downloadable lessons, message boards, and an online event room to allow you to work through each lesson whenever it fits into your day. The weekend before class begins you will be sent your system user ID and password to login to our community support and learning system.
On the class portal page you will be able to:
  1. Share on our class message boards and receive step-by-step guidance for any questions during your journey.
  2. Access and print (or save) your lessons.
  3. Network with other class members through the message board or instant messaging system.
  4. Access any class links and worksheets. This portal is extremely easy to use, no internet or message board finesse required.
How much time does this class require? There is no mandatory homework or mandatory sharing so you are free to work at your own pace although you will need to download all lessons during the class period – we do leave classes open for 1 week beyond the scheduled end date, to allow you to retrieve any outstanding information. Since we run so many classes, we are unable to send lessons manually or to make them available once the class has closed. By completing an action plan and downloading the lessons you can continue to work on your new system at any pace comfortable to you.


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