Do more than…

Do more than exist: live
Do more than touch: feel.
Do more than look: observe.
Do more than hear: listen.
Do more than listen: understand.
Do more than think: reflect.
Do more that just talk: say something – Author unknown

Good morning! What wonderful guidelines this quote offers for truly living our life! What else can I add?

Your Turn: Read this quote several times. Which lines speak to you most? Make a concerted effort to practice at least two of these philosophies today.

Today’s Affirmation: Choose whichever lines speak to you most and write them as an affirmation. Example: I reflect and speak with meaning. I listen intently. I look beyond the obvious and observe life.


Do more than… — 2 Comments

  1. So much of the past few days have been speaking to me…I have yet to step up to the plate…so to speak…I am still only existing…but working on it

  2. This one speaks loud and clear!! Another one to put on my focus board.


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