Life is like a taxi…

“Life is like riding in a taxi. Whether you are going anywhere or not, the meter keeps ticking.”-John C. Maxwell

Good morning! Recently, I was reading a little book on time management and the following statistics, presented by John C. Maxwell, seemed quite enlightening:

If for five days a week, for fifty weeks, we streamlined:

  • Five minutes from our morning routine
  • Ten minutes from our settling into work
  • Five minutes of idle conversation and distractions
  • And a daily ten-minute reduction in our lunches and break times…

We would gain 125 hours of time in a year!! Maxwell reminds us that that is the equivalent of three forty-hour weeks to use for anything we want-and we can double that time by watching thirty fewer minutes of television every day!

Your Turn: When was the last time you didn’t have enough time? Is there anything above you can implement? If not, what can you change? Time won’t change: we have to change how we use our time. What minutes are escaping you each day that are yours to reclaim if you put your mind to it?

Today’s Affirmation: I invest my time wisely.

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