Listening to life…

Sometimes you have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down. Kobi Yamada

Good morning! Have you ever had a “hunch” about something? You know, that gut feeling that has words or an action “on the tip of your tongue,” but you squelch it? Then days, weeks or months go by – and you realize the intuition you ignored was right? Maybe you had a reason to ignore it. Maybe everyone else disagreed with you and you couldn’t find one fan of your idea or action. Maybe self-doubt got in the way – or fear – or anxiety. Whatever the reason, you ignored the hunch only to learn later, that “hunch” was there for good reason.

Maybe the only thing more frustrating than not knowing an answer, is realizing we knew the answer, but didn’t act on it. For whatever reason, we didn’t listen to intuition’s whisper.

Kobi’s quote reminds me that intuition always has a purpose, though sometimes we can’t see it. But these “heart messages” should be heeded and well considered. Even without support, sometimes we have to “Take the leap and build our wings on the way down.”

Your Turn:
Is there anything in your life right now where you have that “gut instinct” about what to do next? Take a moment today and honor that intuition. Listen to it; don’t squelch it. These moments of intuition are blessings about the directions we need to take in our lives.

Today’s Affirmation: I honor, heed and consider each of my intuitions.


Listening to life… — 5 Comments

  1. Love this “good morning”. These insights I get are soooo subtle and so easy for me to miss unless I slow down and pay attention. It is like a 3 step process, 1) the subtle moment, 2) being aware of that moment and 3)applying or remembering the wonder of the moment and incorporating it or at least storing the moment until I understand it.
    I truly believe that these moments are a big part of realizing my goals. I tell the universe what I want and then listen and follow the “feel” and trust that the answers will come. Of course, I have to do my less than subtle homework along the way.
    Thanks, Brook, for the reminder!

  2. I believe we *all* have this, and used it to survive when humans were more like animals. Now we tend to rely on our mind too much – and sometimes think/rationalize ourselves right out of survival feelings.

    Anyone interested in these feelings should check out, Zen DeBrücke teaches “IGS” Internal Guidance System – which is, I think, a great way to go through life, using and trusting those gut instincts!

    (I have no tie to that website nor to Zen – just really think it’s a great site!)

  3. Brook,
    I have received your Good Morning emails for a very long time and thoroughly enjoy them as well as the one with the recipes. This is the first time I’ve clicked on your new format email and came to this page. Even your page header was uplifting and refreshing when I arrived. Thank you for all you do to help build better lives through this gift.

    Listening to life….intuition and heart messages….was very encouraging. Just this past Saturday as I was doing quite a bit of cooking for a potluck luncheon at church, I turned on a Christian radio station and heard a teacher speaking on this, how that our spirit gives us these heart messages, intuitions. Anyway, your email today is confirmation that I need to listen to my heart and heed these messages. I’m a detail person and like all my ducks in a row. Sometimes this causes delayed action or sadly, none at all. I am learning, recently, to just start and as I do, it amazes me at how it all comes together.

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Listening to life. What a great Good Morning. I feel your “Gut Instinct”, “Mother’s Intuition”, “Women Intution” and “Your conscience” should always be your guide. I too believe these are blessings that at times we do not listen to. I know if I don’t then something goes wrong in my life but when I am intune with all these gifts I have a better chance at making the right choice then the wrong one. Great Article Brook. I really enjoyed it. I connected to it in different levels of who I am. Thank you!

  5. I Have read your emails for years. They say that thoughts lead to actions, your good mornings are a cleansing to the mind. Can’t tell you what a good diet it has been

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