Living without guarantees….

There are no guarantees. From the viewpoint of fear, none are strong enough.
From the viewpoint of love, none are necessary. – Emmanuel


Good morning! So often in life we want a guarantee. You have undoubtedly realized how the business of extended selling warranties has become a main source of revenue for retailers. We will pay a few extra hundred dollars  for the safety and comfort brought by a warranty on a new electronic.

We often bring this same desire for a guarantee to our personal life. We want to try something new, but we are fearful. We long to know our energy will not be wasted. We wan to believe… but What if?  We want to try a new career or implement a new idea, but we need reassurance to warrant the risk. We seek some reassurance that we will be better off for taking a chance.  When people cannot find reassurance they often withdraw and do not take a chance.

But we have to learn to dance with life without a guarantee. We have to reach past our fears and embrace risk if we are to discover the path to fulfillment. For the greatest things in life aren’t backed by guarantee but by risk, belief, and courage.

Your Turn:
What have you been withdrawing from in your own life because there is no guarantee? Is there an idea you would like to implement? A career you would like to pursue? A new hobby you want to try? A relationship you want to take to a new level? A belief you would like to believe? How would a 100% guarantee change your behavior? Consider acting that way now–even without the guarantee.

Today’s Affirmation:
I embrace life as it is, not as I need it to be.


Living without guarantees…. — 3 Comments

  1. I received this message right after I had just come back to my desk after talking to a coworker just back to work from 6 months of dealing with a stage 4 cancer, chemo, etc….her job’s been reduced, as well as her benefits……..and we were just talking about how, in life, there’s no guarantee – we need to be GREATFUL for each day and let the rest play out as it will.

  2. I just read the above quote and response from Meg, and I too am going through chemo. Being told at one point that you may only have a year changes your life very dramatically—nothing is taken for granted–today is all that matters—plans for the future are there but not real–loving those around you and taking your life and making you the best you can be are all that matter—Each day truly is a gift–it should be unwrapped and enjoyed and cherished.

  3. I have spent years of wanting to start my own custom clothing business. I have spent just as many years not doing it because of the fears. There is no guarantee I can support my son or pay my bills. There is no guarantee that I will be a sucess. There is no guarantee that I can actually do this. After reading the resonses by Pat and Meg, it makes me realize that life is too short and I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. For all the years I did not act on my dream, did not follow my passion, I have discovered that the guarantee I did get was to be at a job I do only to pay the rent.

    Today is a funeral for a beautiful woman in my life. This is the fourth family member we have lost this year. Life is not guaranteed, no matter what. I sit here and wonder why I have expected some kind of guarantee on a dream while the life I live offers none.

    Thank you Brook for this Good Morning, and thank you Meg and Pat for your comments. Today is the day that I move on my dream. I now realize that there is a guarantee. The guarantee for me is that I will be happy in my heart following my passion.

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