Request: Do you enjoy the Good Mornings?

Good Morning! I have a special request today. I am in the process of finishing the edits on the Good Morning book to be published by Sourcebooks late this year…. a complete collection of 365 Good Morning inspirations.

I wanted to compile some quotes from readers on what you think of the Good Morning inspirations. These will be included in the front of the book. If you enjoy the Good Mornings, please take a moment to share a sentence or two or three on the benefit of these writings.

Please also include your first name and initial of your last name along with your state… like this… Brook N. Wisconsin

To share simply post a comment below on the blog.

And of course… I need this … um… ASAP… 🙂

Thank you in advance for anyone who can take the time to reply.

My best,

Brook Noel


Request: Do you enjoy the Good Mornings? — 53 Comments

  1. It always amazes me how the Good Morning quotes are always wither appropriate for what is going on for me or someone I know who I immediately pass them on to. They never fail to help someone have a better day.

  2. I am glad to see that you are publishing a book with the Good Morning writings. I usually write the quote and/or affirmation out on an index card and keep it next to my computer. They have gotten me through many a long, hard day! Thank you!

  3. I find that each morming I look forward to Brook’s ” Good Morning” It just starts my day off on a more positive note. Because no matter what the day may hold, I know I will have that one positive note everyday and that is a good feeling. It also serves as a reminder to me to quote a positive “My Turn”.
    Thank you Brook!

    Linda H.
    Garland, TX

  4. Reading the “Good Morning” inspiration each day is like taking a spiritual vitamin that keeps me focused and encouraged! ~smile~

  5. I am not a morning person!! I usually stumble into work, grab my cup of coffee and the first thing I read in my email inbox is Brook’s Good Morning message.

    There is always a positive message that I take away with me for the day–it makes my mornings much more tolerable! Thanks Brook!

    Stacy B. in MN

  6. No matter how busy my day- reading Good Morning always causes me to pause briefly, take a little deeper breath , think a more positive thought and move on with my day.

  7. I LOVE the “Good Mornings.” My all-time favorite is “Something Great is going to happen today…” I have found that it really works! My best example is about my 20-yr old daughter who had just moved from CA to Reno, Nevada and had started a new job. She had been having a miserable time and called me very upset. She was walking from her house to take the bus to work and I told her to keep saying the “Something great..” all the way to work. She called me later that day to tell me that she had had her best day ever at work. Her boss had finally given her some praise and she was feeling much better about her life situation. Now she uses it all the time. It made me feel good to have been able to do something for my daughter who was so far away from me. It has worked for me in many other ways as well…. Thank you, Brook!!!!

  8. I look forward to my “Good Morning” because I can count on that to remind of what is really important in life. No matter what kind of day you are having, reading the Good Morning positions you to accept what ever comes your way with a positive attitude! No matter what the message it you can always relate it to something in your own life. These messages are powerful. Sometimes they are the only positive message you get in a day.

  9. The good morning quotes start my day with a positive thought that stays with me throughout the day. Each one enriches my life and starts my day off with a smile. I often share them with my friends on a forum I run.

  10. Amy C. Michigan

    If more people would wake up and read Brook Noel’s Good Morning messages…..the world would be a happier place. I look forward to them each morning and they always help me start my day off on a positive note.

  11. In a world that greets us each day with soul jangling headlines, receiving my “Good Morning” words of inspiration is like a breath of fresh air !!
    Thank you –

    Donna H.

  12. When my email opens at work, the first thing I do is look for my “Good Morning!” quote. Each message allows me to look at my life and consider ways to improve it or a new vantage point in which to view it. How did I make it through my days with a smile before my “Good Morning!”???

  13. Good morning inspirations help me for a short time everyday think about what’s important. I can get so overwhelmed with work and things to do, that I forget about joy, gratitude and taking care of my spirit.

  14. I look forward to knowing that I am going to get an inspirational message each morning from Brook. It gets my day off on the right foot and I write the affirmation down so I can review it frequently throughout my day.

    Debbie S

  15. I have found many of the Good Morning quotes to be the impetus for self-examination and making changes that I might not have ordinarily noticed. Sometimes I get in such a rut that these articles & quotes help me explore what’s really going on in my life–and what priorities I let rule my life; so that I can put things back into balance. I have appreciated the encouragement and humor I have gotten from so many of them, as well as the “see yourself with new eyes” type.
    Christine P. Indiana

  16. I always JUMP at the “Good Morning” quotes the minute I see them in my inbox. I am not the most positive person in the world. But with the help of your wisdom, I’m changing into a more optimistic and hopeful individual. These are priceless and get my day started on the “right foot”, even if I got up on the “wrong side of the bed”!?! Thanks a million!

    MR from NJ

  17. Wow! In today’s hurry-up society, it is such a blessing to be able to relax for a few minutes and enjoy a daily inspirational and encouraging message that we all can relate to at one time or another in our busy lives. Thank you for providing this organized, enlightening and powerful website for all readers, young and old (and everyone of us in-between!) From sunrise to sunset, may your literary talents always be fulfilling, loved and appreciated by all. God Bless!

  18. Brooke,
    I love the “Good Mornings”. There are some days that I feel a little low but when I open your email, I can refocus my day. Some resonate and touch me as though you were actually reading my mind and know that I needed just that thought at that moment.
    Others make me think, long after I have read the note. Some that are particularly pertinent, I print in large type and hang on my desk.
    Thank you for all you do to enhance our lives and to help us learn to know ourselves better.

  19. Good Morning! is a treat I give myself as a way to ease gently into the workday.

  20. I look forward to reading the Good Mornings every morning. They help me get in a positive frame of mind. I also keep them and look back on them when I am having a difficult day and need a pick me up or some words of wisdom.

  21. Brooke,
    I just sent you a comment but neglected to put the information in that you wanted.
    Maybe you can find it via my email address.
    Anyway, my name is Maggie D. , Arlington, VA
    I so wanted you to have my comments that I just skipped over the instructions. If you don’t get them or can’t find my comments, just let me say once again that your “Good Mornings” are a favorite part of my day and they are real ways to renew my pledge to myself to improve and be thankful for my blessings.

  22. When days begin with “A Good Morning” my perception always focuses on enrichment and my heart is full of gratitude at day’s end.
    ~Kimberly G. – Iowa

  23. The Good Morning quotes have a way of changing my day. No matter the quote…it gives me a reason to view my day different…especially if it didn’t start out right.

  24. Often I will feel lost for direction, not knowing how to focus my thoughts or intentions. I have found the “Good Mornings” will often help guide me to have a more positive, introspective, or inspirational outlook …and the practical actions for the day can shift my focus and allow me to be more aware.

    The messages have helped me to not be so hard on myself, assisted me through the knowledge that ruts will happen, and have encouraged me to dream beyond beliefs that limit me.

    Liz W. New Mexico, USA

  25. I look forward to starting each day with Good Morning quotes, which enable me to reflect on my good fortune, rise above the trivialities of my day to day issues, and challenge myself to improve.

  26. Brook, Your “Good Morning” quote of the day is a routine not to be missed! Thank you for your daily inspiration. Donna P. ~ New Hampshire

  27. Yes! The Good morning emails are always on point! I really enjoy them and always forward them to my friends. Thanks!

  28. The “Good Morning” daily e-mails help not only to get started on a positive note, but, they also are often very thought provoking. I enjoy them very much and have passed them on to several others that they seem to fit for their situations as well. Keep ’em coming!

  29. Each morning I look forward to reading Brook’s Good Morning messages. I write the affirmation at the top of my CAN page for the day. When I’m feeling down, I just glance at my CAN, read the affirmation and I’m off and running again. Brook’s GM messages have been an inspiration to me.
    Devon Anne L.

  30. I look forward to the Good Morning quotes each morning!! I find they often inspire me and motivate me to be the best I can be. I’m often reminded that “I can do better” or be a better person. They so often touch on a special area in my life that needs attention. so……THANKS!!

  31. The Good Mornings are great. Thank you for doing them and I hope you keep it up for a long time.

  32. Thank you, Brook, for the Good Morning messages each day. They never fail to brighten my day and/or give me a gentle nudge in the right direction.

  33. Hi Brooke,
    I started receiving your “Good Mornings” a while back. I was going through a life changing decision at the time: to move from Long Island, NY, where I was born and raised and lived into my 50’s, or stay. Six months ago I moved to Florida and now face the chance of being out of a job for the first time in 14 years! Every day since the beginning, I start my day with your “Good Morning” and a cup of coffee. This is how I come to life every morning. Every morning this starts my day with always something I can apply. While I was in between homes, I still started the day via my email on my cell phone reading your “Good Mornings”. Some days I forward them, some days I keep telling myself: “something good is going to happen”. Thank you for being a consistant positive voice in my head, when all else seems to be failing. I look forward to your book! Every day is a good day!!

  34. I love to read the Good Morning quotes each day. They uplift my spirit, motivate and inspire me each and every day. I want to thank you for the inspiration that you give.

  35. I look forward to Brook’s Good Morning email to start each day on an uplifting note. The quotes are always relevant to making wise life choices and guiding changes that will surely bring positive outcomes. They have been a tool in my journey of self-examination and improvement. Thanks Brook!
    Felicia D.

  36. Good mornings are just a little bit of wisdom making it easy to use so that you may redirected your thoughts for the day. I have used the thought provoking quotes to change my thinking and helping me to feel up lifted on many occasions. My favorite is so simple but says so much. I can I dance with life.
    How perfect for this time in my life, I now dance through life instead of sitting by and watching everyone else .
    Thanks !!!!
    Kathy P

  37. Wow! Thank you all so much!!! What a gift all of these words were when I signed in this morning to send today’s message!!!

  38. Something great (your book) is going to happen soon (when it’s published) and I can’t wait to see it!!!!

    The Good Morning quotes are a positive, life affirming way to start my day, thank you!

  39. Brooke, I look forward to starting each day with your Good Morning quote. Keeps me on track physically, spiritually and emotionally. You’re a blessing!

  40. I look so forward to the Good Mornings, they are a source of movations and encouragment to me. The Qoutes are awesome and inspirational.

  41. I always read your Good Mornings first of all my email. It helps bring a very positive focus to busy my day and very often I find myself sharing them with special people in my life.
    As a personal coach, I have really come to realize the importance for each of us to connect with, appreciate, apply and share the unique gifts that are within us; many of the Good Mornings share an underlying them of being in the moment, being self-aware and appreciating the beauty within–and then how to use your gifts, talents and wonderful attributes in bettering your own as well as others’ lives. It is just such a simple, positive and practical way to live!
    Thank you and please keep the inspiration coming!!

  42. Each good morning to me is a mini course, a direction, a new way of thinking and new beginning.

  43. It is incredible how almost everytime I open up the Good Mornings quote, it seems to match what I’m going through on that particular day. Coincidence? No, I don’t believe in those. I can’t hardly wait until this book is published!! Brook, what an incredible gift you are giving to the world! Thank you so much!
    Irene S
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  44. No matter what time of day you read ”Good Morning” you will find something to turn your whole day into a ”Good Day”
    Mari-lyn P from Canada

  45. I cannot start my day until I read Good Morning. It just starts me off on the right foot. I feel inspired and ready to take on the day!

  46. Technically challanged…I stumbled upon this site during a difficult phase of my life (certain it was a divine intervention). It’s encouraged me to refocus, breath easier & helped look forward to tomorrow & all it’s gifts I have yet to experience.
    Thank you Brook, I admire your determination in seeing your dream come to fruition. You are an amazing woman & a great example of all of us!
    Wishing you continued success, God bless!

  47. Absolutely the best motivation to get my day moving in the right directions. The affirmation at the end of each Good Morning is invaluable to refer to over and over. I stuggle writing my own affirmations, but I now have index cards all over my house with Brook’s affirmations. It’s amazing as how well the good mornings just flow into the stage of life I’m at each day. Thank you Brook for sharing your gifts with the rest of us.

  48. I remember your first good morning…it seems so long ago. Do you remember. I emailed you and said, “Hey, I need more of that.” And you did it. You started sending them out within the week or two and haven’t stopped. So, I’m proud to be your first good morning fan. They keep me on track and give me a daily reminder of what’s important and why I’m doing what I am doing…which can get foggy in the middle of a woman’s hectic life.

  49. Your messages are a gift every morning. I have to think positively every day and your messages encourages me to look beyond myself. Be different from everyone else. Thank you for the simple powerful words each morning.

  50. My daughter is only 12, but loves great quotes! She has a 3′ x 5′ white board on her wall in her room and is continually changing the quotes and sayings on it. One of her favorite things is when one of her family members, and even more fun, someone who just stopped by adds to it. This is always a fun surprise when she goes to her room. I have used many of your “Good Morning” quotes on her board and she loves them!

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