Sculpt your life…

 “The sculptor produces the beautiful statue by chipping away such parts of the marble block as are not needed-it is a process of elimination.” -Elbert Hubbard

Good morning! Think about the journey of self-improvement you have taken. How many times have you succumbed to adding a new system, tool, approach, mission statement, goal? Consumer-culture has taught us to look externally for solutions to our problems instead of internally, and that the next “tool” could be the “magic cure” for all of our woes.

Yet, when we look externally time and time again, all we do is add to the confusion of trying to decode our path. We have to wade through all its tools and systems. Today’s quote reminds me that often our answers are internal. Instead of adding on, we should focus our energies on looking within, chipping away at  the pieces that don’t work, until we find our “core”.

Your Turn: We are all the sculptors of our own lives. What type of sculpture are you creating?

Today’s Affirmation: Daily I look within, reflecting and honing my purpose.


Sculpt your life… — 2 Comments

  1. Core is such an interesting word. It implies essence, that which is most intrinsically valuable, and the center from which energies arise.

    By having complicating thoughts and energies(some of those of those that surround you..and you need to get balanced…or grounded) as well as too much stuff, we can block the flow of that energy. Without personal energy (or energetic bodies) we are pretty much latent flesh.
    I am finding it not always easy to decipher what is my truth to hold unto and the expectations of society and others that I need to shed.

    But when I think that I am turning myself, essentially allowing myself, to be a zombie by avoiding the process, I fortunately find the enthusiasm (another good word…ecstasy from source or god, in archaic definition, and source being related to energetic bodies’ health as well).

    I like the analogy, as it sets the premise in an accordance with great works of art, which typically take time, thought, and a special something of an elusive, creative quality.

  2. Interesting… The sermon at church last Sunday incorporated this same concept… I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something.

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