Wasting time…

“Time is amazingly forgiving. No matter how much time you’ve wasted in the past, you still have an entire today. Success depends upon using it wisely–by planning and setting priorities.”–Denis Waitely

Good morning! How wonderful to realize that today is “ours” – no matter what yesterday held. When we greet each morning with that willingness to use the day wisely, plan and set priorities, we can achieve our full potential. Make a .list of three priorities for the day-three things you can do to make today matter. Then complete that list to make today count.

Your Turn: Today, forgive yourself for past days that weren’t “all they could be.” Take a moment and revisit your priorities, dreams and aspirations. Commit to using today, and every day possible, wisely.

Today’s Affirmation: Regardless of yesterday, I choose to use today wisely.


Wasting time… — 3 Comments

  1. I needed this message this morning. Thank you! I love this quote: :”Today is worth more than ten yesterdays because today you have the opportunity to do, and be, all you missed out on yesterday.” by Becky Ree. It has always helped to focus on today and tomorrow and not the past.

  2. Oh my gosh! This is just what I needed this morning! Over the last few days I have been delving into what I’m missing in my life. Although I’m an active person and involved in a variety of things, I’m still missing out. I figured it out finally, for once in my life I’m not working towards anything. I don’t have any big priorities or dreams that are influencing my daily actions. So today’s affirmation of – “Regardless of yesterday, I choose to use today wisely.” is just what I needed to bring me back to reality and focus on the important things.

    Have a wonderful day in the neighborhood, everyone!

  3. Today is like bowling. Every day is a new frame and you get to start over to get that strike or spare.
    Even if I thoroughly messed up the previous day, today starts fresh and brand new so I can begin again. I am so grateful for each and every day and its fresh start.

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