Make Today Matter and Change Your Life

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$13 – 299 pages, 6X9 – Click here to order The 26 Best Ways to Recapture Daily Magic, Kick-Start High Energy Living and Get the Most Out of LifeA positive and practical solution for living your best life, The Make Today Matter Makeover draws on the best of Brook Noel’s acclaimed Make Today Matter System. Each mini-makeover is an action-oriented, highly focused exploration of a single topic, designed to help readers implement change in less than two weeks. The 26 mini-makeovers included in the book represent the best-loved fan favorites from the more than 200 options within the Make Today Matter System.With tips on high-energy living, health and wellness, home management and organization, time and information management, conquering procrastination, self-esteem, recapturing daily magic, clearing clutter, and staying centered, The Make Today Matter Makeover offers readers an opportunity to improve no matter what the area. Brook Noel provides a do-it-yourself guide to happiness and getting the most out of life.Noel (The Change Your Life Challenge) presents another inspiring tool kit for managing time, saving money, regaining energy, and more. Each chapter covers a particular aspect of change and offers evaluation tools, concrete steps to improve the current situation, and a commitment statement to make three changes. As in her previous books, Noel explains succinct strategies for change that even the busiest person can digest and enact. …this book is a gem for all adult readers. Library Journal $13

Change Your Life Challenge CoverThe Change Your Life Challenge provides step by step solutions for finding balance, creating contentment, getting organized and building the life you want.- Are you struggling to keep up with life?
– Do you have a list of to-dos you will get to “some day?
– Are you overwhelmed with the needs of others, leaving little time for yourself?
– Have you tried other “life management” programs with no success?
– Are you tired of mood, attitude and energy swings?

Over 200,000 women, many of whom felt the same way, have changed their lives for the better using the strategies Brook Noel presents in this book.

$14 – 340 Pages, 6X9
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Good Morning offers proven tools to help us live our best life daily. While studies show breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, Brook Noel believes a positive “emotional breakfast” is a key source of emotional, mental, and physical strength for the day. Good Morning provides readers with a daily dose of inspiration to make every day matter.$16 – 476 pages, 5.5X9
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i wasn't readyI Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye: Surviving, coping, and healing after the sudden death of a loved one by Brook Noel and Pamela D. Blair, PhD
Now there is a hand to hold… Each year about eight million Americans suffer the death of someone close to them. Now, for those who face the challenges of sudden death, there is a hand to hold, written by two women who have experienced sudden loss. This updated edition of the best-selling bereavement classic will touch, comfort, uplift and console. Authors Brook Noel and Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D. explore sudden death and offer a comforting hand to hold for those who are grieving the sudden death of a loved one. $12 – 292 pages, 6X9
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