Class: Extreme Home Makeover – A Ten Week Journey from Cluttered to Clean

10 Weeks – $69 – Click here to register

Class starts September 24th.  This class is only being offered once in 2018.

Have you ever found yourself saying any of the following…

Collection from tools for cleaning in a bucket

  • “I need a personal organizer!”
  • “If I could just get a system to keep my house clean…”
  • “My house is so cluttered… it needs an overhaul!”

Or have you ever felt that…

… you’ll never get control of the chaos and clutter?
… your family is working against your goal of creating an organized home?
… you won’t have the organized home of your dreams until your children are grown and gone?

Help is here!

$69 – Less than $1/day!

Not only will you have a clean and organized home at the end of this 10 week course, you’ll have fun in the process. (Yes, cleaning can be fun.) The before and after contest is always a big hit and the group camaraderie has made this one of our most successful offerings!

This class also includes many bonuses like access to our Sprint Room.  The room is available 24/7 and is hosted for 21 hours per week.  Special sprint times will be established for the class, also.  In addition, there will be printables to help create a cleaning schedule.

Over the course of the ten weeks you will work step-by-step through new challenges each week to not only get control of your home–but create a plan to keep it that way! Over the course of this class your workbook will become an action plan of success, filled with tips and tools to take control of your home.

Class Outline:

Week 1:  In Week 1, we start by creating a before evaluation.  We will use this evaluation to help us create an action plan going forward.  We will also begin learning some of the tools that we will use for the duration of the class including station lists and ten-minute tidies.

Week 2:  In Week 2, we will create a Master Plan so we can move methodically through our homes.  We also learn how to use Brook’s Six-Box System and the magic of the “Three Step Action List.”

Week 3:  In Week 3, we start by learning some action ideas that will help us make the best use of our time.  Then, we will learn some tips on cleaning and organizing our bathrooms.

Week 4:  In Week 4, we tackle the seemingly insurmountable task of laundry while cleaning out and organizing our closets.

Week 5:  In Week 5, we move onto the kitchen.  Because the kitchen tends to be the hub of most people’s homes, we will be spending a lot of time in here.  We will have lessons this week and next to learn about organizing and cleaning our kitchens so they will be organized hubs.

Week 6:  In Week 6, we keep working in our kitchen and start talking about ways to beautify our homes.  Inexpensive and easy ideas will be shared so we can learn to reward ourselves and make little changes that brighten our homes and the way we feel while we are in them.

Week 7:  In Week 7, we learn organization strategies and how to delegate.

Week 8:  In Week 8, we move into our kids’ rooms.  We will cover strategies for dealing with their rooms and all the paper that seems to come with them.  In addition, we will have a lesson on chore and reward systems that work.

Week 9:  In Week 9, our focus is to keep moving forward through our Station Lists.  We will pick up some handy tips and resources that we can use when cleaning and organizing.

Week 10:  In Week 10, we will create the Master Task List that we will use to keep our homes in order.  We will also look back to see how far we have come and will make a plan to keep moving forward.



$69 USD

Class F.A.Q.

How Do These Classes Work?

Our classes are presented via our Facebook platform.  The Sunday before classes start, you will receive an email invitation to join the secret Facebook group for your class.  If you enroll in the class after the start date, please allow 48 hours to receive your email invitation.

Please make sure you sign up for the class using the email account associated with your Facebook account.

How much time does this class require? There is no mandatory homework or mandatory sharing so you are free to work at your own pace although you will need to download all lessons during the class period – we do leave classes open for 1 week beyond the scheduled end date, to allow you to retrieve any outstanding information. Since we run so many classes, we are unable to send lessons manually or to make them available once the class has closed.


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