Class: Goal Workshop – Transforming Resolutions into Reality

Transforming Resolutions into Realtiy – A Six Week Workshop to Achieving Your Goals
6 Weeks – $69 – Click here to register

Begins January 22, 2018

Enroll now through February 5, 2018.

Note: This class is only offered once in 2018.

  • Do you wonder if your goals match your vision?
  • Do you shoot out of the new year’s goal-starting gate but lose steam in a few weeks?
  • Have you ever put off a goal because you are waiting for a “better day?”
  • Have you ever let a goal go because life is just too hectic?If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our six week Goal class can help you devise a realistic plan to make this year different!

In this class you will:

  • Choose a goal and learn how to break it down into milestones, benchmarks, and action steps to create a checklist for success
  • Create a visual goal poster to help keep you on track
  • Create a mission statement for your goal
  • Learn how to apply the S.M.A.R.T. goal principles
  • Learn the most common reasons goals fail–and how to avoid these pitfalls

Course Summary:

Clearly defined goals identify a starting point and the most efficient path to a desired point.  In week one we will define our vision and connect it with our values to aid us in selecting our first goal with which to work.

In week two  we will learn about creating a goal quotient and then we will choose one goal with which to work for the rest of the class.

In week three, we will create a home for our goal and check our attitude.

Week four had us breaking down our goal, creating an action plan, and checking for set-backs and obstacles.

Week five is focused on developing a mini mission and evaluating our progress.

Finally, week six has us set up a support system, find a mentor, and do some trouble shooting to help us stay on track.

By the end of this class you will be ready to begin making your goal a reality!

If you are ready to quit talking about what you would like to achieve in your life, and to begin achieving it, join us and transform your resolutions into reality.

                                               Also offered as an ebook on CD-ROM

This class will be offered in our new Facebook format.  On the evening before the class begins (or within 2 business days of your purchase if it is after the start of the class), you will be invited to join our secret group on Facebook.  Lessons will be posted on the Facebook page and class discussions will also take place on Facebook.

Class F.A.Q.

How much time does this class require? There is no mandatory deadline or sharing with the assignments (although sharing is encouraged and half the fun!) therefore you are free to work at your own pace although you will need to download all lessons during the class period. We do leave classes open for 1 month beyond the scheduled end date, to allow you to retrieve any outstanding information and download lessons–although class helpers are not available for Q&A during this time. Class helpers are only available during the actual 6 weeks of the course.  Since we run so many classes, we are unable to send lessons manually or to make them available once the class has closed. By completing an action plan and downloading the lessons you can continue to work on your new system at any pace comfortable to you.

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