About Us

Make Today Matter, LLC. is a fast-growing, multi-media, content driven business capitalizing on the creativity and energy of its founder, Brook Noel. The Wisconsin based corporation was founded in 2007 based on the results and feedback from Brook’s book, The Change Your Life Challenge.

Brook is a best-selling author with more than 1,000,000 copies of her books in print.  Brook has taken this tremendous content and, based on significant feedback and continuous improvement, has developed the Make Today Matter Life System. Brook knew that for people to be successful ongoing support and growth would be vital. She longed to go “beyond the book” and connect directly with those seeking to change their lives.

The subscription based Make Today Matter online community offers members a solid foundation with the Toolbox for Success Steps, backed up by more than 140 Mini-Makeovers (classes intended to be completed in 7-14 days) designed to help people maintain balance with life’s priorities. The online community and e-classes are delivered through the same software used by many colleges and universities to deliver high quality online courses and distance learning. Make Today Matter provides additional support through our product line, individual courses and ebooks. Based on user feedback, we have worked hard to refine the concept, approach and delivery of content and we are confident that it is time to share with the world how to “make today matter.”

What our members say about us:

“Brook Noel’s tools have guided, inspired, and motivated me to cultivate better relationships with those I love, create a more peaceful home, adopt a joyful outlook, and connect with my authentic self. I recommend them highly to anyone wanting to take deliberate steps toward a fuller, more rewarding life.” Sarah, Pennsylvania

“Brook Noel’s programs have changed my life. The Catch-All Notebook is indeed my new best friend. My mind is so uncluttered now. If this is the impact in one week of using these tools, I can’t wait to see my progress a month from now!” –Kathleen, United Kingdom

“I have seen so many positive changes in my life from using Brook’s tools. I just wanted to let you know that your words of wisdom are helping one gal from Texas keep it all together.” –Deena, Texas

“Clear some space out of your schedule and work through Brook’s system of getting organized, healthy, and financially responsible. Brook takes all the things in our lives that keep us off balance—from overstuffed closets to forgetting to take care of ourselves—and gives simple steps to create a balanced, simplified life.” Elizabeth Dargis, “Simplicity Coach,” Michigan

“I am so glad someone showed me Brook’s products. Using her tools is one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time.” Lizzy, Minnesota

“My life has felt like chaos for several months (years?) and reading about Brook’s tools came at a critical time in my life. I am getting more done in the past few days than I was accomplishing in the past few months. I was feeling paralyzed by the volume of things I had to do, and now I feel like I can move freely through my day!” Lisa, New Mexico

“These tools showed me an easier way to manage my house and children than going crazy every day hunting things down. I have family time back again, and that is truly a gift.” Dorothy, California

“By using the Make Today Matter Online System I have learned that life is much more pleasant when it isn’t a race or out of control. I have realized that anyone can be well-rounded and have everything that matters, when they have continuous support, goals, and a course of action for life. By using this system, I no longer feel like I just exist, but that I am actually living and getting to where I want to be.” Lynda, Ontario

“Finally, a simple plan to follow. This is helping me and changing me for the better. I am so grateful to have found your program!” Kimberly, New York