Interview: Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring Cleaning Tips
Brook shares strategies for tackling the closet on Chat with Women, Seattle Talk Radio.

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Five Practical Paper-Management Tips from Brook Noel

Go vertical: Store papers using vertical-end tab files or better yet, nine-by-twelve envelopes stored upright in magazine holders. Vertical solutions do not lend to pile creation. Three-Sided Storage: The standard file folder has always been a mystery to me. Why … Continue reading

How to Effectively Store and Manage Kids Artwork

Artwork, Papers and More…

How to Effectively Store Kids Work

The Traveling Art and “Proud” Exhibit: This can be used for all paper a child collects in a week—from art, to tests, to certificates. It is the perfect way to offer recognition, sharing of materials, but also the culling of what would otherwise be a mountain of paper. Let’s face it—most of us can’t save everything our child brings home unless we add an addition to our homes!

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