January 2017 Flash Sale


And if you order in the first 24 hours, you will receive the “From Resolutions to Reality  – A Six Week Workshop for Building and Implementing Successful Goals” class for FREE!!!!  (Starts Monday, January 23rd)


Happy New Year!

Are you ready to make 2017 your best year yet?  Is this the year you get organized? Achieve more peace in your life? Finally get out from under all that paper?  Brook wants to help you make that happen.  To celebrate the new year, Brook Noel is offering 3 classes from the 2017 Class Schedule for only $109.

Who is Brook Noel?  

Brook is the best-selling author of nineteen books with more than 1,000,000 copies sold. She specializes in grief, life management, and balance for today’s busy woman.  Brook is known for going “beyond the book” by creating a whole experience to interact and support her readers through online and in-person events, Q&A chats, message boards, and communities. She maintains two regular columns,  Good Morning and The Challenge Weekly with a combined readership of over 70,000.  She has created classes to help women in all areas of their lives including household and paper management, relaxation and mediation, and even Christmas preparation.

This offer is valid for 72 hours only so don’t delay!

3 Easy Steps to Redeem this Offer:
1. Choose 3 classes from the list below by number.
2. Click here to place your order.  (You must use this link)
3. List the 3 course numbers in the COMMENTS section.

Your class log-in information will be sent to you two days prior to your first course.


***Please note:  The class pass is not eligible for this offer.***

(Note: You can find descriptions of classes by clicking here. )

  1. Reality Routines – Learning to Live in Satisfaction Despite Life’s Demands.  Begins 2/6/2017 – 2 weeks  $39
  2. 30 Day Health Jump Start – 6 Weeks to Improving Your Habits for A Healthier Lifestyle.   Begins Feb. 13th – 6 Weeks $69
  3. 10 Day Happiness Toolbox.  Begins Feb. 27th – 2 Weeks $39
  4. Managing Everyday Paper.  Begins March 6th.  5 Weeks  $59
  5. From Breakfast to Dinner – Meal Planning to Suit Your Lifestyle.   Begins April 3rd.  2 Weeks.  $39
  6. Extreme Home Makeover – A Ten Week Journey from Cluttered to Clean.  Begins April 24th.  10 weeks.  $69
  7. Creating a Craft Space That Inspires.  Begins May 15th.  2 Weeks.  $39
  8. Head, Heart, and Paper – The Joy  of Discovery Through Writing and Art.  Begins June 26th.  4 Weeks.  $49
  9. Paper Piles and Files.  Begins Aug. 14th.  5 Weeks.  $59
  10. Relaxation and Meditation – Two Weeks to Slow Down, Relax, and Refresh.   Begins Sept. 11th.  2 Weeks.  $39
  11. Extreme Home Makeover- A Ten Week Journey from Cluttered to Clean – Begins Sept. 25th 10 weeks .  $69
  12. 10 Day Attitude Makeover.  Begins Oct. 23rd.  2 weeks.  $39
  13. Christmas Countdown – It’s Not Too Late!  1000 Hours to Help You Plan and Organize a Celebratory Season for Your Family.  Starts Nov.  13th.  6 weeks.  $69


How Do These Classes Work?

Our classes are presented via our Facebook platform.  The Sunday before classes start, you will receive an email invitation to join the secret Facebook group for your class.  If you enroll in the class after the start date, please allow 48 hours to receive your email invitation.

Please make sure you sign up for the class using the email account associated with your Facebook account.

How much time does this class require? There is no mandatory homework or mandatory sharing so you are free to work at your own pace although you will need to download all lessons during the class period – we do leave classes open for 1 week beyond the scheduled end date, to allow you to retrieve any outstanding information. Since we run so many classes, we are unable to send lessons manually or to make them available once the class has closed.