Simplify Your Life Online Class Begins This Week

Self Paced 5 Week Online Class  
Open Enrollment Through Friday. Only $39!
Class F.A.Q.
1. Enroll anytime through May 9th
2. There are no required or “set dates/times” in the program
3. You have a “6th week” to catch up and ask any questions
4. The class has 2 class moderators to guide you on your path
5.  There are daily exercises but you can go at your own pace (within the 5 week period)
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Free, $28 Challenge Workbook on CD ROM with all Orders of $78+  

“Simplicity is about spending less time chasing and more time enjoying.
 It is about spending less time acquiring and more time experiencing.
Simplicity is about spending less time managing life and more time living it.”

 Brook Noel

Class Starts: 
May 2nd – Learn More And Simply Your Life

 When the simplicity movement burst on the scene a decade or so ago, I’ll be honest-I laughed. I thought simplicity was for people who “couldn’t keep up with life.” I didn’t realize then, as I do now, that simplicity was for people who wanted a better way to live. I, like many of us, had bought into the hype that the more I had, the more I did, the more I squeezed into a day – the richer my life would be.  Only $39

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