Class: 10 Day Happiness Toolbox

10 Day Happiness Toolbox

2 weeks, $39 – Click here to register.
Class begins March 12th
Note: this course is only offered once in 2018

  • Do you find that happiness is elusive?
  • Do you have more so-so days than great days?
  • Do you wish your home and interactions created more positive energy?

It has been said that some people pursue happiness while others create it. This 2 week workshop will show you step-by-step how to create more happiness in your life and your home.

$39 – Click here to register.

In this class, you will:

  • Learn 10 proven techniques to increase happiness
  • Learn how to get your day off to a great start
  • Complete reflection exercises to deepen gratitude
  • Learn how to add simple joys to everyday living

Course Summary:
Week One: The good news is that happiness isn’t complicated! There are simple steps we can take each day to make our lives more positive and increase our happiness. This week we will take five steps toward increasing our happiness. You will start a written or visual gratitude journal, complete a happiness index, and add three “simple joys” to your days.

Week Two: We continue our happiness journey this week with five more exercises from our happiness toolbox. These exercises focus on creating more happiness in our interactions with others and our atmosphere at home.

$39 – Click here to register.

Class F.A.Q.

How does this class work?

This class is being offered via our new Facebook group format.  After you have enrolled in this class, you will receive an email invitation to join the secret group on Facebook.  If your Facebook email is not the same as the one you are using to register for this class, please note the other email address in the Comment section when you register.

If you are enrolling in this course on the start date or during the first week, please allow one business day to receive your invitation to join the group.

How much time does this class require?

There is no mandatory deadline or sharing with the assignments (although sharing is encouraged and half the fun!) therefore you are free to work at your own pace although you will need to download all lessons during the class period. We do leave classes open for 1 month beyond the scheduled end date, to allow you to retrieve any outstanding information and download lessons–although class helpers are not available for Q&A during this time. Class helpers are only available during the actual 2 weeks of the course.  Since we run so many classes, we are unable to send lessons manually or to make them available once the class has closed. By completing an action plan and downloading the lessons you can continue to work on your new system at any pace comfortable to you.


Questions? Please email  We strive to respond within one business day.

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