Class: Head, Heart, and Paper – The Joy of Discovery Through Writing and Art

Class begins June 26, 2017.  4 Weeks.  $49

Head, Heart and Paper: The Joy of Discovery through Art and Writing.

Healthy means of self-expression can reduce stress, increase contentment, create more joy and foster self-discovery. A little time spent in a “creative playground” has helped many people achieve personal breakthrough while also finding more balance and happiness,

Here is what Brook Noel will teach you over the course of this four-week class.

Week One Objectives:
During week one you will…

  • Create your creative space and gather some basic supplies
  • Create your “idea treasure box”
  • Learn a simple writing technique to clear your mind each morning
  • Complete a collage assignment entitled “Seize the Day!”
  • Start your “Happy List” which will be a project worked on throughout the class

Week Two Objectives:

During week two we focus on opening up new creative horizons. This week you will…

  • Learn the basic of Zentangle Inspired art and create your first Tangle Inspiration
  • Complete a “Self-Portrait” collage assignment
  • Engage on an A to Z poetry journey assignment
  • Continue work on your Happy List

Week Three:

  • Create a Wordle using a previous assignment
  • Add a few more “Tangles” to your library and complete a second Tangle Inspiration
  • Explore “Free Collage”
  • Complete “This I Believe” Journal Exercise

Week Four:

  • Finish your Happy List project
  • Add a few more “Tangles” to your library and complete a second Tangle Inspiration
  • Do a Reflection Journal
  • Create a Journal Life Timeline
  • Choose a final project challenge to share and inspire others!