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Paper Piles & Files:  Creating a File and Reference System to Stay On Top Of Paper Instead of Beneath It

* Are you drowning in paper?

* Is it hard to find the document you need, when you need it?

* Are your drawers overflowing with mail and items to file, kids projects and paperwork?

* Do you have stacks of magazines and information you “want to look at” but haven’t had a chance yet?

* Do you have piles of printouts from the Internet that you don’t know what to do with?

* Have you purchased multiple paper-sorters, paper gadgets, and organization tools only to find the piles prevail?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this class is for you.

During this five-week course you will learn a new way to tackle the paper piles once and for all. The one unique rule of my approach is that during this class, you are not allowed to purchase any manila folders, hanging files, cute tabs, filing cabinets, paper sorters, or other paper-storing materials. We aren’t going to buy a system and try to make your papers “fit into the system.” Instead, we are going to discover your unique “paper personality,” and then create the system to support it.

As the owner of two businesses, and author of many things (including 19 books and weekly, daily and monthly newsletters), and being a natural “piler” instead of a “filer,” it became clear that I had to develop a file system that worked to organize my information for easy access. Otherwise, my days would be spent looking for paper, versus working on paper.

I tried the standard paper-rules like: Handle each piece of paper only once. I could easily comply to that rule by putting each piece in a pile-that grew, and grew, and grew, and eventually just tipped over.

It became clear that like so many areas in life, there wasn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. I needed to develop a paper management system to meet the “major areas of” my life versus trying to create one system to tackle every need. It is this unique and comprehensive system that I will share with you in this five-week course.

Week by Week Outline:

Week One: Getting a Grip
This week we take stock of the paper in your life by creating a paper-station inventory. We will discover what type of paper you collect, the needs of your system, and create an action plan for the weeks to come. I’ll guide you through a quiz to assess your paper personality and the types of paper you accumulate. You will also learn if you are a paper-piler or paper-filer. (Each personality requires a different system.)

Week Two: Diving In: From Piling to Proficiency
We begin this week by learning an innovative five-step system to act on any paper pile and then begin plowing through the papers. This week you will gain access to our online action area where you can join others to work on your paper piles for increased motivation.

Week Three: What Goes In Doesn’t Always Go Out

While what goes up, must come down is a fairly universal law, the paper that seems to come into our lives rarely goes out at the same rate. This week we complete a careful analysis of what is “coming in,” and how to create a reference and archive system to handle it.

Week Four: Common Paper Clutter

Kids artwork, magazines, bound and printed matter, stuff from the printer …what if we need it someday? (More importantly-if we do, will we be able to find it?) This week we cover the most common paper clutter and a series of challenges to put this paper in its place.

Week Five: Creating Your Personal Plan

During our final week together we will complete a walk-through to create a personal paper plan to maintain your new skills. Lastly, you will receive a template of my personal system and routine to stay on top of paper instead of beneath it.


Class F.A.Q.

How Do These Classes Work?

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