Affirmative Statements

Afirmative statements (or affirmations) are positively phrased sentences in the present tense. We strip out the “I should, I will, I’m going to…” and replace those words with “I am.” Let’s use the basic example of health to show how this process feeds the mind.

Example A: A woman is full of unhealthy habits that she wants to change. Month after month she says, “I want to become healthier.” When her favorite dessert is passed around at a dinner party, she takes some. Why? Because she wants to become healthier—at some point! Not today. She sees that in her future, not in her now. As long as that remains in her future, she won’t take any action toward it in the present.

Example B: The same unhealthy woman says, “I am a healthy person.” (An affirmative statement) At that same dinner party, when her favorite dessert is passed, she doesn’t take any. Why? Because she is a healthy person. She has already identified with it and become it, simply by affirming it. She’s not taking action tomorrow; she’s taking action right now.

The differences between this woman in Example A and Example B are very subtle. She didn’t go out and buy a membership to a club, or revamp her cupboards, or purchase expensive exercise equipment or diet plans. She changed her thinking, and her thinking changed her action. Isn’t it incredible to realize that the changes you desire are within your reach? The primary tool you need is your mind. Change is a matter of learning how to work with your mind, versus against it.

Also in this above example, that simple shift of mind did make her a healthier person. The person in example B is making better decisions both physically and mentally.

Attitudes are a lot like our hair! If not maintained daily we will get snarls and split ends! Brook Noel

Also in this above example, that simple shift of mind did make her a healthier person. The person in example B is making better decisions both physically and mentally.

That seems too easy…

I know it does and I wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t seen it work over and over and over again. As I sought improvements in my life, I tried so many tools, tricks and tactics. Interestingly, I noticed that if something was easy (or really inexpensive) we somehow believe it won’t work. Many people think that real and lasting change must be difficult or expensive. It isn’t. It might be challenging to put into practice, but it isn’t difficult to learn or understand. These simple tools can revolutionize your life beyond measure.

Do you know what starts the majority of disagreements between people? The answer ties into one of the reasons why I believe affirmations are so powerful. People get upset when a person says one thing, but does another. We don’t like to have to go back on our word, and we don’t it like when other people do it either. When we use an affirmative statement, we put “our word” on the line. Our mind will do everything it can to position ourselves for the realization of that statement.

Studies have shown that those who use written affirmations are 86% more likely to accomplish what they have written, than someone who has the same goal and is not using an affirmative statement. I don’t know about you, but with odds like that, I think I can find the time to speak affirmatively and write it down!

So how do we use affirmative statements?

To start, I encourage you to use affirmative statements to fight back negative thought-processes and your Critic. Here are two simple statements that I love – “I can and I do.” “I am enough.” Repeat those in your mind or on paper whenever doubt or negativity stops by for a visit. I have also made some visual affirmations cards included at the end of this handout. You can find additional affirmation cards in the Change Your Life Challenge shop. I encourage you to make your own affirmation cards, with statements that speak to your mind, heart and soul.

Here are some common negative statements I have collected in my work along with examples of affirmative statements to contradict them.

Negative Statement

Positive Statement

I am not good enough.

I am enough.

I don’t deserve ____ (fill in the blank).

I deserve happiness. Every moment I am stepping closer to where I want to be.

I’ll never _______ (fill in the blank). or I can’t _____.

I accomplish everything I set my mind to.

I’ll deal with that in the future. I don’t have the energy now.

My time is now. I find energy in challenges and deal with them effectively.

I will try to_________(fill in the blank).

I will__________(fill in the blank)

I am unlucky.

I determine my own destiny.

I’m a bad person.

I am a great person.

There is always tomorrow.

I am moving forward today.

Life has dealt me a bad hand.

I am in control of my own happiness

I’m a bad_______.(mother, friend, wife, employee, etc)

I am doing my best every single day.

Oh well, such is life.

My life and happiness is up to me.

As you progress with affirmations, pay attention to quotes or ideas that speak directly to you. Each Good Morning email I send out has a daily affirmation and quote. Write down those you like on index cards. If you are artistic and enjoy scrap-booking, painting or rubber stamps, create decorative pages featuring your favorite affirmations. Frame them or page through them daily.


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  1. I have progressed forward from 1 minute ago. I make every minute count as 120 half seconds that make a whole. And those fractions of my day count towards my future..

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