Good Morning! Care, Dream, Risk, and Expect More

Around the Corner: Excellence is caring more than others think is wise; risking more
than others think is safe; dreaming more than others think is practical; and expecting more than others think is possible.


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Good morning!  

I fell in love with this quote the first time I saw it many years ago. I found it on an inspirational poster with a photo of a soaring eagle while going through a difficult period in my life. It resonated with me, because it matched my core beliefs–even though those core beliefs often required walking up to the precipice of life and taking uncalculated risks. Yet I knew that these were principles I had to live by in order to experience all that life would offer to me. I never wanted to miss a chance, even though that would require falling down and getting many-a-bruise.
Last night, I was reflecting on what a full life means to me. In prior Good Mornings I have shared that I found one key is to “greet each moment with a sense of appreciation instead of expectation.” I believe we pass another milestone when our fears become an inspiration instead of deterrent in achieving our full potential. Learning to take risks, and enjoying that sense of adventure–no matter what the end result is another key. When we can appreciate our own courage, despite the result, we see…and more importantly…take the opportunities life so often presents. That statement leads me back to a quote I saw on a card when I was only fourteen. I bought the card and have it still. The outside of the card features a small sailboat on an ocean night. Below the photo is states simply, “One cannot discover new lands without losing sight of the shore.”
To me, this quote speaks volumes about change. So many of us want to realize change, but we are unwilling to “cast away” the lines that tie us to our old habits. We try to reach the “other side of the ocean” while leaving those ties around us. That is an
impossible journey. We must be willing to throw off the ties and
set sail toward our dreams.
Your Turn: Review today’s quote and think about what it means to you. How can you practice excellence in your life? And what about change? Are you trying to change, while still holding onto the past? If so, make a concerted effort to cast away the lines and see where the wonderful journey of life will take you.
Your affirmation:
Each day, I sail toward and realize the great gifts of this life.
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