Good Morning: Climbing Over Worry

"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already
tomorrow in Australia." Charles Schultz

Good morning! 

Thanks, Rosemary, for this cute quote by "Snoopy Creator," Charles
Schultz! As you wrote in your email to me, with challengers all
over the world now, this is especially relevant. All we have to do
is look across the ocean and someone is already in tomorrow!

For me, this quote brings home two important points. (1) How
quickly a day goes by and (2) How unhelpful it is to spend our time

Worrying doesn't "feel good." It makes us anxious and
stress-filled. So why do we do it in the first place? Worrying,
like many negative emotions is a defense mechanism. We worry to
protect ourselves from "what might happen." We worry in order to
avoid taking "the next step." However, like many defense
mechanisms, "worry" doesn't protect us, instead it creates a wall
that blocks off possibility. Worry invites us to be immobile, to
"stay still," to wait "for a better time."

However, life isn't lived behind a wall. Life is lived out in the
wide-open when we take chances and chase down dreams. When we use
worry as a wall in our world, we not only block out our fear of
"what might happen," but we also block out the good.

I have shared before the statistic 98% of what we worry about never
happens. Yet when we spend our time worrying, we also ensure that
98% of what we want out of life won't happen.

Your turn:
Where have you been using "worry" to hide from life? Today, take a
step toward knocking down that wall and seeing how beautiful it is
on the other side.

Your affirmation:
I climb over worry and into joy.

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