Good Morning: Don’t Lie Down and Take it

“In order to be walked on, you have to be lying down.”
~Brian Weir


Good morning 
This week we have been exploring attitude and
reaction. I thought this quote blended nicely with the topics.
When we find ourselves worn down, anxious, depressed – we have to
get beyond the victim mentality and ask some basic questions. Are
we standing tall? Are we thinking in healthy ways? Are staying away
from toxic people as much as possible?
When we hurt and feel pain, before pointing the finger at someone
else, we have to point the finger at ourselves. How did we get to
this place? What did we contribute? As today’s quote says, we have
to be lying down in order to be walked on.
Taking responsibility is freeing in that we then have the power to
control our destiny. However it can also be scary, because blame is
a security blanket that allows us to hide instead of heed messages
of change. But the security blanket of blame wears quickly and has
many holes and it will not protect us long-term. Responsibility and
change are like a needle and thread – from them we can sew a
blanket big enough to cover ourselves and those we care about.
Your Turn:
In each situation, good or bad or in-between, be aware of what your
role and contribution is. Learn your thought-patterns (both good
and bad). Awareness is the first step toward responsibility and
Your affirmation:
I release the need to blame from my life.

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