Good Morning: Embrace the Ruts in Life

“Choose your rut carefully’ you’ll be in it for the next ten miles.”
~road sign in upstate New York
I couldn’t help but laugh when Vivian sent this quote. Isn’t it the truth?
Of course, the good news is that when we are on target, and focused, and
following the pathway toward our dreams — even our “ruts” become part
of that journey.
The ruts also become more frustrating though, because they are
usually in direct opposition of our goal. We want to “break out of
the rut” and “get back on track” toward what really matters most.
However, one important lesson that I learned from a former
colleague is: Often, the harder we try to get out of a rut, the
more enmeshed in the rut we get.
Sometime we need to “welcome the rut.” It might be telling us
something. It might be telling us that we are moving too fast, or
moving the wrong direction, or revealing some other important
lesson. Every rut comes with a reason. The wise goal-seeker
determines what lesson the rut has to teach and then proceeds on
her journey.
Your Turn:
Instead of fighting out of the rut, welcome it. Take a break and
think about what lesson this rut might be trying to reveal. Honor
and listen. Then you will have the strength to walk from it.
Your affirmation:
I learn from the rut.

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