Good Morning: Goals and Perseverance

“No one would have crossed the ocean if he could have gotten off the ship in the middle of a storm.” 
 ~Charles F. Kettering
Okay, maybe someone would have still crossed the ocean, but Kettering’s point is very valid. Most would have bailed if possible when that storm became tremulous. Imagine being one of the first to cross the ocean and all the fear involved as you sailed through wild storms. I am sure these people were filled with fear, regret and greatly questioned their choice and endeavor.
Now imagine the first sight of land after crossing that ocean and the beauty of the first sunrise or sunset in that undiscovered territory. How do you think that would have felt? I would think relief, gratefulness, accomplishment and bliss would be amongst a long list of emotions.
Your Turn:
Picture your life as an ocean. Are you in the calm or are you in the storm? What does “land” look like for you? Remember that any journey worth taking will have both stormy and calm times — beauty is found by those who keep going.
Your affirmation:
I enjoy the journey.

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