Good Morning: Motivation

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's
always your choice. 
Wayne Dyer 

Good morning! 

We naturally want the best for those whom we are close with.
Whether it be our children, our relatives, our friends, our
acquaintances - as women we are natural nurturers. It's important
to realize that our views and attitudes about our world are the
single biggest influence we can give to those around us--either
positive or negative.
Keeping the zest alive in our own lives is one of the most
influential ways to encourage passion in others. Here are some
ideas to awaken the passion within.

Find a role model. Think of people you know who seem to have a
natural passion for their life and their world. Spend time with
these people and spend less time with people who are negative. Make
positive people the models for your own days and conduct.

Discover something new. Choose an interest that you have never made
time for and make time for it. Perhaps its painting, writing,
photography or woodworking - as you rediscover the passion and joy
found in creating, let that spill over into other areas of your
Ann McGee-Cooper offers strategies to help people rediscover lost
passions in her book, You Don't Have to Come Home From Work

Here are a few of her tips:
-Be curious - try anything once.
-Challenge yourself to learn new things.
-Believe in the impossible.
-Smile a lot and laugh often.
-Experience and express emotions freely.
-Be creative - even about solving everyday problems.
-Let go of worry. Don't dwell on what awful things might happen.
-Focus on the incredible things just around the corner.
-Don't allow yourself to be confined by the judgment of others.
-Imagine your life the way you'd like it to be - no matter
how outrageous.

Your Turn:
Keeping the passion alive in our life is one of the best gifts of
encouragement we can share with those around us.  Choose and
implement one of the above ideas or create one of your own that
will help awaken passion in your everyday life.

Your Affirmation:
I encourage others through my passion for life.

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