Good Morning! Replace The Word Impossible With I’m Possible!

Around the Corner: “The word impossible was a mistake It’s really I’m possible!”
~Robyn Freedman Spizman


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Good morning!  

I wonder how different the world would be if “impossible” really wasn’t a word and we all said “I’m possible” instead? If I have learned anything in my years of working on this program, and working with thousands of women, it is that the power of our thoughts determine the quality of our life. If we believe something is impossible – it will be. If we believe we can do anything – we can. We set the “barriers” and “borders” of our lives.  Many women choose safety over change. They choose the known versus the unknown. They choose “impossible” instead of taking a risk.
I wonder how different the world would be if Martin Luther King, the Wright brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, Leonardo da Vinci, Rosa Parks, Mother Theresa and more would have thought “impossible.” I wonder how many people are out there that have so much to give, but block themselves from giving because of “impossible” thinking. I wonder if you have a gift to share that has been blocked because you haven’t had the belief to let it rise to the surface.
Your Turn: Replace “impossible” with “I’m possible.” Stretch the barriers and borders of your life through positive thoughts and self-belief. Give a gift to the world–we all have one waiting to be shared.
Your affirmation: I believe in myself and my ability to give a unique gift to the world.
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