Good Morning: Share Your Smile

“Smile today … one smile can make miles and miles of smiles.”
~Lisa’s Mother
A while ago I received a wonderful email that is perfect to share with you as a Good Morning message.

Lisa wrote, “I was just sending an email out to some friends and
remembered a saying my mom has always said to me since I was really young and thought I would share it with you. ‘Smile today … one smile can make miles and miles of smiles.'”
“I remember thinking about this when I was about 6 – 7 and I
actually tried it. When you smile at a person, they almost always
smile back. Even if you smile at them in passing, their smile
usually lasts long enough to catch at least one other person’s
attention and the cycle begins again. I remember thinking that it
was quite a powerful yet simple thing, but it could bring so much
happiness into our world.”
“My little ones are in bed now, but I think I just might try to teach them that tomorrow. I bet my mom will be proud to know that I
did listen and even learned from what she taught. I think that I
will also let her know what I remembered – I bet I make her smile

Thank you for sending this Lisa. You are right – so simple, yet so
profound. After reading your email I started looking at our
subscriber database. We have thousands of women who read this “Good Morning” column all throughout the world. If each of us embraced this concept, undoubtedly we could make the world a much happier place.

Your Turn:
Embrace the wisdom of Lisa’s mom today and start a chain of smiles.
As you do, think of other readers of this column who are doing the
same. With combined effort we can make any day one of the most
smile-filled days around.
Your Affirmation:
Each day I remember to start a chain of smiles.

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