Good Morning! Show Kindness Whenever You Can

Around the Corner: “If someone is too tired to give you a smile, leave one of your own, because no one needs a smile as much as those who have none to give.”

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The past few days we have been focusing a bit on how our thinking and choices effect our days. But what happens when we run into someone else who is unpleasant or rude or impatient? How do we cope with that? The clich√© “kill them with kindness” exists for a reason. When we are kind to each other, we don’t literally kill each other–but we kill that seed of anger or distrust or unhappiness that caused someone to act out negatively in the first place. We are all conditioned by what we know. The more kindness and happiness we experience, the kinder and happier we become.

Think about it this way: Each time you meet someone who is grumpy, tired or sad – you have the option of leaving a seed of happiness or a seed of indifference or negativity. Whatever seed you leave will be part of this person’s conditioning for all of time (even if it is someone you have only met for a nano-second). What is best for that person? What is best for you? Amazingly the answer is the same–leaving a seed of hope, or happiness, or a smile (as in today’s quote) is the best for all. It reminds us of how what is all around us — won’t last forever. Yet, in the same breath, it reminds us to dance and smile and celebrate.
Your turn: Try to sew 10 seeds of kindness today or share 10 smiles.
Your affirmation: I radiate happiness and kindness to all those I come into contact with.
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