Good Morning: Start Living

“At some point during your search for the meaning of life, don’t forget to do a little living.”
~From a Thousand Paths to Tranquility
This quote made me smile as it speaks to one of the things I have found most puzzling about people’s quest for “self-discovery.” As many people search for their passion or the meaning of life, they are wrapped up in “tomorrows.” The goal is to get to that “special tomorrow” where fullness and meaning is discovered, and problems lessen. However, to think that we can find the meaning of life in any day but today doesn’t really make sense if you think about it.
In order to ever find the “meaning of life” we have to “live.” We can’t live tomorrow right now, we can only live today. If we spend our time wrapped up in thoughts of “what’s next,” then we end up losing the gifts of today and actually moving further away from self-discovery.

Your Turn: Remember that the path to contentment isn’t a path you have to find tomorrow or next week. The path is right below your feet today. You just need to take a step on it, and then another, and another.
Affirmation: The path to the life I desire is here today–and I walk down it.

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