Good Morning: Start Your Day Off Right

....This was the very first good morning that I sent to this
newsletter group. I reprint this occasionally for all of our new
readers and to remind our "alums" about our good morning routine.

Good Morning!

I can't think of a better way to kick off your 'Good Morning'
routine than by sharing how I start my mornings. Eight years ago I
started this simple routine - unaware of the profound impact it
would have on the days and years to come. I know now it was the first
seed in my personal Change Your Life Challenge.

I wake up and sort of stumble out of bed toward my coffee maker.
Prior to those first few sips I'm really not that awake and don't
think about too much. (I know, I know-- I should give up the coffee
-- but one thing at a time!) Anyway, I get my cup of coffee and I
either walk outside or walk to the largest window in the house. I
look outside and say a silent 'Thank you' for the day that is ahead
and the fact that I am blessed to be here and be a part of it. I
stand 'in silence in my thanks' for a couple of minutes and then
say, with heartfelt conviction, 'Something great is going to happen
today...I can't wait to see what it is!' 

And then I begin my day. You know what the best part is? Something
great happens each and every day. And because I am aware, I never
miss it. Sometimes it is major -- a new business deal or an
unexpected great opportunity. Sometimes it doesn't come in a fancy
package and might be a beautiful bird that lands, an e-mail from a
friend or a stranger, the smile of a child, the pleasure from a
'great idea', or the joy that comes from complimenting someone. But
sure enough, life brings a gift to my doorstep each and every day.
And it happens because I anticipate it and am open to it.

Your turn:
Stand up. Go to your nearest window and step outside. Say a silent
thank you - or shout it aloud. 'Stand in your thanks' for a couple
of minutes. (Hey... if you are reading this and thinking 'Gee,
that's a lovely idea...' but have no plans of getting up-- GET A

Your affirmation:
Something great is going to happen today ...I can't what to see
what it is!

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