Good Morning: Take Nothing for Granted

I take nothing for granted. I now have only good days, or great
days. - Lance Armstrong

Sent in by Good Morning Reader Tracy from Ontario
Good morning! 

What a wonderful quote and perspective! I find it so
interesting that the power to have a good day or bad day is truly
up to us. Yet very few people want to take responsibility and
really own that fact. Instead they blame the external. While the
external indeed does have influence, it doesn't have the final
say--we do.

We have the ability to make choices about our life and how we feel
and what we do. There are many cultures where destiny is
predetermined and choice is not existent. We have the choice to
make today a good day or a great day. Let's use our power of choice
and choose to challenge life!

Your Turn
Take not a moment for granted. Let go of bad days and have only
good and great days. The choice is yours.

Your Affirmation
I experience only good days or great days.

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