Good Morning: Tough Lessons

"When we do face difficult times, we need to remember that
circumstances don't make a person, they reveal a person."
~ Richard Carlson, Ph.D.     

Good morning! 

How easy it can be to throw our hands up when faced
with difficult or trying times. It can be easy to put on that "poor
me" hat and figure we are another victim of circumstance.

While we may feel those emotions temporarily - we cannot hold onto
them or they will make us a victim.

Instead, follow Richard's words. Let the difficult times reveal who
you are, the talents you possess, your strength, your courage.

Your turn:
Have you felt you are a victim of circumstance in an area of your
life? Choose not to be the victim. Choose to let this trying time
reveal a step that you can take toward the stronger, courageous,
true you.

Your affirmation:
Each difficult time is a step that I take to build my true self.

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