Good Morning! Try Practicing A Little Kindness

Around the Corner: “How beautiful a day is when kindness touches it.”

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Good morning!
When I was 10, I was a math whiz. My mother was always helping kids in our neighborhood and we often took in child who might have been having problems in their home. One year, we took in a young man who was around 18 and wanted to get into the military. Unfortunately, his education had been lacking and he was unable to pass the math test.
I went to my school principal and asked if he could loan me elementary math books. I started tutoring him 2 hours a night, beginning with first grade math and gradually working upward. A year later when he took his test, he passed and began a successful military career.
We didn’t keep in touch, but about 10 years later he called and
left a message on my mother’s answering machine. He called to thank us for helping him out and specifically for the tutoring. He was now married with a family and enjoying a successful career. That message of thanks touched my heart and has always been remembered.
Sharing our thankfulness with someone else each day can dramatically enrich our life and the lives of those we thank. This can be done in person, through a phone call, or through a thank you card. Try to use a thank you card instead of emails as the process of writing encourages us to slow down (plus people are inundated with emails these days–there is something about a thoughtfully written thank-you note that is very special to both sender and recipient).
Your Turn: Take a few minutes to generate a list of people you would like to thank. They can be current people in your life or people from long ago.
Your Daily Affirmation: I am never too busy to thoughtfully express my thankfulness.
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