Good Morning: Will You Make a Difference

“Go confidently in the directions of your dreams; live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”

 ~Henry David Thoreau
I had heard the first part of this quote–but I had not heard this second part until Annastasia sent it in. As many of you know I host the 10 Week Extreme Home Makeover class. It has been interesting to see how many of us have finally “had it with clutter” and are purging things besides paper! Knick-knacks, miscellaneous–by the garbage bag we are hauling “stuff” out. The other night I walked into one of my “de-cluttered” rooms and was amazed at how good the room felt. I had space to think or twirl in a circle if I wanted.
In a past Challenge Weekly, I focused also on “spring cleaning for the mind.” I have noticed that just as our surroundings get cluttered, our minds also get cluttered. I can testify that today’s quote is true–whether applied to your physical surroundings or to
uncluttering your mind.
Often we become our own obstacle–especially within our mind. We get wrapped up in something we can’t change or doesn’t really matter. We exert hours of thinking over a situation that doesn’t advance us any or help anyone. We engage with negative people and
let their negativity overshadow us. We make life more complicated than it needs to be. When we conduct “spring cleaning” of the mind and shed the thought patterns that don’t bring us any benefit, life becomes simpler. Sometimes instead of fighting an uphill battle, it is better to turn around and just walk down the hill and find a better hill to climb.
Your Turn:
Where have you been making life more complicated than it needs to be? What can you do today to bring the focus back to a simpler way?
Your Affirmation:
Each day, I focus on where I make a difference.

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