Let the positive out…

“People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Abraham Lincoln 

Recently my daughter had her second band concert. Her band teacher likes to highlight each student throughout the course of the concert and often chooses “rounds” so that each student, or a small group of students, can play 8-16 measures of a song.

The band as a whole had made wonderful progress since their first concert, when they had only had their instruments a few months. That was an enjoyable but often squeaky evening. The second, concert, four months after the first, featured wonderful sounds and some great jazz and blues favorites.

During the small group playing, I noticed that my daughter had a very strong tone to her instrument. There weren’t any squeaks, no mistakes and her playing was smooth and deliberate in her few short measures. Many children did well (all did better than I would have done!) but some did not play as loud or as confidently in front of the packed auditorium.

On the way home I asked Samantha what helped her do so well. She said, “I know I have practiced and know the music as I ever will. So I don’t focus on that or what will happen next. Instead I focus on positive things. I think about the neat birthday banner the kids at school put on my locker. I think about our vacation.”

“Do you think about those things while you play?” I asked, intrigued by her explanation.

“Nope. I think about positive things right before I start each song. When I play I only think about letting the positive out.”

I smiled as I continued driving. Our kids often have so many words of wisdom when we are curious enough to ask and slow down long enough to listen.

Your Turn: Where in your life has uncertainty hampered your ability to do and be your best? Release the grip of uncertainty by preparing, planning and then “letting the positive out.”

Today’s Affirmation: Today I focus on “letting the positive out.”


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  1. Today is a wonderful day. My developmently delayed 17 year old daughter is starting her first day on the job. She is volunteering at the healthcare center where I work. She is so excited she has not been able to stop talking about it all weekend. Her excitement has reminded me of what I go to work for everyday. It is for my elderly residents who need some joy in their lives. My daughters excitement will be a welcome addition to their day. I just had to share this with everyone because it sure has made my day matter seeing the joy in her face that she feels she can make a difference. She is really letting the positive out and it is contageous.

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